Thursday, May 10, 2007

Wednesday, May 9 – In the Bush

Next destination: Yellowstone National Park. We drove north into
Idaho (where Stig’s grandfather lived for several months before WWII) and then entered the corner of Montana to gain access to the park. We were intending to drive on to Cody, Wyoming tonight but those park roads are closed from 8 PM to 8 AM so we are staying inside Yellowstone tonight (No WiFi here so this will be uploaded later). We checked in at our campground where there was an extensive check-in lecture by the Park Ranger since we are now in the heart of Grizzly Country and then proceeded on to Old Faithful. Along the way to the geyser we saw quite the array of wildlife, including about 5 bison walking right down the middle of the road!! They finally moved into one lane so we could pass and take extreme close up pictures of them.

Old Faithful gave quite a show, although the weather was starting to get pretty chilly. We returned to the campground - no electric, no showers, but flush toilets :) - and started our campfire for a dinner of burgers and a few beers, We have some long drives ahead of us in our remaining days, but scenery like this makes it all worth it! :)

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