Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Wednesday, May 2 – Native American Country

After arising in the Colorado mountains, we completed the short 10 minute drive to Mesa Verde National Park. Once there, we toured the Cliff Palace site which included climbing ladders out of the site the equivalent of 12 stories. A few English chaps met Nigel after the tour and thought he had “such a cracking name” J We continued on to Four Corners Monument & Navajo Market which was open today!!! After the necessary pictures, a few more accessories were bought to contribute to Cowboy Stig’s outfit as Joar and Odd Jan purchased some genuine Native American weaponry. The RV roared to life again as we travelled to Monument Valley and its spectacular views. Although Lindsey did not realize this was the next destination as the conversations concerning this stop were being discussed in Norwegian (a small detail which will now surely change). After careful deliberations, it was decided to head the RV to Tuba City, Arizona (in the Navajo Nation Reservation) for the night which will put us in good position for the Grand Canyon tomorrow. A few hard earned beers have been opened the group is unwinding for our next adventure.

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