Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Tuesday, May 1 - Tornado lookout

The morning started with a wonderfully scenic drive through New Mexico and our first encounter with violent rain and hail. The weather played with us all day varying between sunny and downpours. Apparently, we're driving a perfectly straight line through tornado alley during the start of tornado season!!!! Several times we had all RV occupants scanning the horizon for funnel clouds.

During a sunny break, a swim break was required at Santa Rosa "The city of Natural Lakes". Nigel even got in on the fun with his very first accidental swim (by falling in), which he enjoyed very much after some assistance :) We all packed in the RV and headed west to Albuquerque then north to Four Corners Monument. The drive took us through the heart of the Navajo Indian Reservation where Anders performed speed trials on the RV (85 max until he hit the govenor). We arrived at Four Corners Monument right as they were locking the front gate (NOOOOO!), so we hope to come back and hit that site tomorrow. We proceeded onto Mesa Verde RV Resort for the night (only about an hour away) which will put us in prime position for multiple site visits tomorrow. By the way, this RV park is the BEST we've seen thus far - two hearty thumbs up!!!!

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cortney said...

RVs are not really meant for speed. Be careful.