Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday, May 10 – On the Road Again

Today we departed Yellowstone in a two hour drive out of the park towards Cody (man, that park is large). Yellowstone Lake is still frozen and there is snow in the park so needless to say it was a cold night :)

The entire day was spend driving into our next position, Mt. Rushmore. Anders successfully piloted us through Wyoming, including over a part of Big Horn Mountain Range (part of the Rockies). It was all worth it when on the other side we saw our first authentic cowboys in action herding cattle across the road. It was a proud moment as they even waved at Cowboy Stig :)

We stopped in Gillette, Wyoming for dinner a small town where apparently every single person eats out every night as there was a wait at every restaurant we tried. Eventually we ate our dinner and continued on to South Dakota. We are now sitting 5 miles from Mt. Rushmore, which will be our first stop in the morning.

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