Sunday, May 6, 2007

Saturday, May 5 - Bimmers & Beer

With Saturday came Bimmerfest, a huge BMW car show in Santa Barbara, which initiated this whole trip! Anders, Joar, Stig & Odd Jan attended Bimmerfest while Katie & Lindsey went down to the beach and went shopping. During the awards ceremony at Bimmerfest, they asked for the person who traveled the furthest to attend the show. A woman from New York was going to claim the prize before Joar called out "I'm from Norway!", which was indeed the furthest traveled to atttend the show. So Joar recieved a large trophy (which is now housed in the RV) and even got to give an acceptance speech to the whole Bimmerfest audience.

We all got cleaned up for the night and headed downtown to dinner with Katie. After dinner, we ended up at an English Pub (No Wankers Allowed) and settled in for the night. After many beers, rum & cokes, gin & tonics, and vodka & cranberries, Stig announced that "We got limes, bitches" after ordering a round of Mexican beer in honor of Cinco de Mayo. A very good time was had by all with many folks asking Cowboy Stig if he was really a cowboy. We eventually had a late night taxi ride back to the RV park to get some much needed sleep.

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