Monday, May 14, 2007

Saturday, May 12 - Mad Dash to the East

The day started with Bergen, which is just an intersection!! There is an antiques store, a meat processing place, a house, and the Bergen Bar and Grill in the intersection. So we took our pictures, had lunch at the Bar & Grill, and headed East. The day was a long one with us driving through Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois (through Chicago baby), Indiana, and Ohio!!!!!

Finally, at 3 AM we were ready to call it a night so we tried looking in our campground book for somewhere to stay in Northern Ohio. There weren't too many choices, but we decided to try the one. When we arrived there was a night registration, so Lindsey deposited the $15 fee in an envelop with her contact info (as was normal procedure), took a map and went to the RV to find a spot. Then we were faced with our first challenge - we couldn't get into the campground. The lane in had a gate that was locked and the lane out had tire spikes bolted to the ground. So we did what any tired campers would do - we broke in :) We sent a team of two out to Gorilla Tape the spikes down so we could drive over them (which worked withhte help of our doormat for extra tire protection). Then we were faced with not being able to find a spot due to permanent trailers everywhere and a suck ass map. So we decided to break back out! (Driving over the spikes in the right direction was a breeze!) With a short stop at the office so Lindsey (armed with a pair of tweezers) could fish our deposit back out of the drop box, we were on our way. 30 miles later we were settling in for the night at a rest stop on the Ohio Turnpike along with all the truckers.

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