Thursday, May 10, 2007

Monday, May 7 – Still California Dreamin’

(Note to our devoted readers: Thanks for the patience! We’ve been in some pretty remote country without internet connection, but now we our back on. Enjoy reading about our latest adventures over the last couple of days!!)

After another great sandwich at the campground cafe, we departed Santa Barbara. Along the way, we stopped at the beach so we could dip our toes into the very cold Pacific Ocean. The Vikings even decided to go for a swim – though they were the only ones on the whole beach who thought it was a good idea J

We set the RV towards San Francisco travelling along Route 1, a very scenic highway of the California coast. We arrived in San Francisco at dusk, just in time for some great pictures as we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge. The travellers started looking for a campground and ended up around Lake Tahoe (a stone’s throw from the Donner Pass). The night was freezing cold when we arrived at 1AM and there were signs warning us of brown bears everywhere. Cold weather, bears, the Donner Pass – where the hell are we?!

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