Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday, May 14 - The Home Stretch

The last day is upon on. We arose early in PA as we had to have the RV back in Arlington by 11AM (about 3.5 hours away). So after the last cereal was eatn, and the last goodbye said, we headed off.

About 5 seconds later, as we were leaving Lindsey's parents' driveway, something was not right with the RV. We pulled into the milking barn parking lot (about 100 yards from the driveway) and surveyed the damage. We discovered the drivers' side tire was flat on the bottom. We had travelled so long and now we had a flat - luckily it happened in the right place! Lindsey quickly called her dad, who arrived momentarily with a portable air tank (you gotta love the farm's resources). Since it was flat on the bottom, we suspected it wasn't a puncture but a leak somewhere in the mechanics of the tire. We were able to use the air tank to fill the tire enough to make it up the road about a mile to the farm's maintence garage, where Lindsey's uncles sprang into action. After some studying of the tire and some chatting about the trip, the tire was fully inflated and in good condition. Apparently, it was the extender air valve that had a leak so Lindsey's uncles simply removed it and the problem was solved. We were on our way again.

After a short conversation with the RV rental office, all was secure for our late arrival. The rest of the trip to DC passed without any incident. We had a driver, and the rest of the travellers packed and cleaned the RV. Luckily, we even found some street parking big enough right by Lindsey & Anders ' place that made the unloading process very easy. We unloaded quickly and drove to the rental ofice to return our trusty steed.

So we are now back in DC reflecting on a great trip and trying to put everything back to where it belongs. Thanks to all who we met along the way and helped make it a great trip (Sabrina, Adam, Katie, Bill, Joyce, Lindsey's uncles, cowboys, random English guys, and our good friends the bartenders - just to name a few). We're all a little closer, all more travelled, all wiser on US geography, and all looking forward to the next adventure!


Katie said...

At least you didn't get the flat when you drove over the spikes:)
I had fun-- stop by anytime!
(P.S. Post some photos!)

Kelly said...

That made for some good reading! Not exactly mid-work day for me, but late-night-on-a-work-trip works too! What are you going to do with the horns from the front of the RV?