Saturday, May 5, 2007

Friday, May 4 - California at Last!!!

The morning started a stop at a western wear store for some more cowboy gear. Cowboys Anders & Stig now have some boots to complete their assembles. Stig lead the charge into California with Lindsey as copilot. As we crossed the Mojave Desert, the RV was caught in some extremely high winds and a sand storm! Visibility was poor at best and the RV was being tossed around the road by the wind. Even as we stopped at a rest stop along the road the RV adventurers found it hard to walk across the parking lot against the wind.

Stig with Joar as copilot then masterfully cruised through the LA traffic. We even had our very own greeting to LA with another driver signaling us to roll down the window and he yelled "Go Norway!" in Norwegian! How did he know about the Norwegians? It could possibly be the big Norwegian flag in the back window and "NORWAY" written under it :)

We finally arrived the campsite about 8 PM, all happy to be staying in the same place for a couple of days. Katie came over to the RV and took us to civilization for dinner. Let tyhe Californian fun begin!!!

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