Monday, April 30, 2007

Monday, April 30 – Cowboys & Cowgirl

We departed Oklahoma City after a supply run and a visit to a local western wear shop. We had a few more cowboy hats than when we had arrived at the city (and a pair of bull horns for the RV) and we were on our way. With our entry into Texas, we witnessed the emergence of Cowboy Stig. Sporting his new black stetson and wrangler jeans, Cowboy Stig drove us into the sunset through Texas. We stopped in Amarillo to pay homage to the Cadillac Ranch and leave a few names spray painted on the cars. Surprisingly, the cars our in a pasture field that did contain many cows (and a few bulls!)!!! We charged on and entered the field on foot to get a closer look at the cars with only one curious bovine on-looker that had to be chased away by the resident cowgirl. After all the pictures, we packed in the RV once again and proceeded on to Tucamcari, New Mexico where we are resting our weary heads for the evening.

Sunday, April 29 – Roll along little doggie

Refreshed, the group awoke with a fire to continue the trek. Soon after leaving Memphis, we found ourselves in Arkansas and in southern humidity. After a drive through the entire state, we entered Oklahoma on the way to Oklahoma City for the evening. The group had dinner on the schedule with Lindsey’s friend Sabrina & her fiance’ who happened to also be in Oklahoma City the same night. We met them for dinner at a race track/restaurant and then had some fun in the casino. After a short visit at the campground, we settled in for the night. We are officially half way in the trek west now, but with many more miles to go.

Saturday, April 28 - Early Morning

Anders manned the first driving shift with Lindsey as co-pilot into southern Virginia as the jet-lagged vikings took the first sleeping shift. Stig took the second driving shift with Joar as co-pilot charging into Tennessee. By 5AM all were awake thanks to rest stop coffee & a shaking RV at 60+ MPH. The slightly delirious group rolled into Memphis 2PM Saturday - 19 hours after our departure. AFter check-in at a slightly shady campground, we walked the 5 minutes down the street to Graceland, our first tourist destination. We all put on our blue suede shoes and got all shook up to fully take part of Elvis fever :) After a tour of the mansion, the car museum, and his airplane the "Lisa Marie", we had seen enough Elvis for one day. We headed back to the campground and initiated the first cook out of the trip before settling in for our first good night's sleep.

Friday, April 27 – Departure Day

After all the planning and preparation, departure is upon us. A few minor last minute trips were necessary for additional supplies, but all was mostly accounted for. We picked up the RV in the early afternoon and started packing. Finally the last piece of luggage was in, the last bathroom trip made, and the last viking entered the RV. We departed DC at 8 PM with a non-stop trip scheduled to Memphis, Tennessee (approximately 900 miles away).